Our Environment

Sustainability is not just a buzzword, it’s here to stay. We all now have to look at what more we can do. Whether that’s in the coming months or years, with new ideas or further implementation of existing ideas. Read our 2021 ‘Green Goals’ to give a clear focus on what we want to achieve.


One Planet

Wyboston Lakes Resort is focused on environmentally friendly initiatives, which will benefit our people, our community and ultimately our planet. Our energy efficiency is an integral part of our overall energy management policy & strategy. Our Green team, who are assigned responsibility for the carbon footprint and energy management policy, has taken a lead role in reducing overall environmental impact through Energy initiatives, Waste reduction and other stuff we call Culture Shockers. Read more about our achievements in 2020.

Energy (Custom)


Working with The Energy Check...

  • We aim to achieve a reduction of 50% in our Scope 1 and Scope 2¹  emissions by the end of 2025*.
  • We aim to be Carbon Neutral in our Scope 1 and Scope 2¹  emissions by the end of 2040.
  • We are aiming to achieve an increased efficiency of 5% year on year in our electricity and gas energy use* per £100k revenue. 
Waste (2) (Custom)


We're very aware that, as a Resort with so much on offer, what we waste has a massive impact on the environment. Amongst other things we're committed to ensuring our waste is managed in the best possible way.

  • We will continue to be zero to landfill 100% of the time.
  • Focus will be given to our food waste in 2021.
  • Where appropriate and possible leftover produce will be distributed to shelters and food banks.
  • We will adopt other initiatives where possible to reduce our water consumption and wastage.
Culture Shockers (Custom)

Culture Shockers

  • Clean our Seas! We have reduced our single-use plastics across site by 42% since joining the #20percentless scheme and will continue to ensure that plastic alternatives are sought.
  • At one with nature; we will continue to support and maintain a nature reserve in conjunction with the Wildlife Trust and plant trees and natural shrubs on-site.
  • Homegrown; we are aiming to produce more on-site, within the kitchen gardens and wild meadows.
  • Embracing paperless; we will continue to actively reduce our paper consumption across all areas of the resort.
  • Chemicals we use, how we use them and how often, will be a major factor when we consider our new supplier in 2021.