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Working with Agents

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Our agent relationships

Booking agents are a very important part of our business mix. We value the support and business they bring in all sectors, for accommodation, conferences, training and meetings. Wyboston Lakes Resort is a member of the HBAA and subscribes to its code of conduct. This means we are trusted and reliable suppliers to the agency community.

Special Agents


We welcome overseas agents and events, being located close to two major London Airports puts us in a great spot to welcome international guests. We adhere to the HBAA Best Practice guidelines.

HBAA International Best Practice

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Commission Payments

Wyboston Lakes Resort pays commission in a timely manner within the terms of the HBAA code of practice. The commission may vary according to a commercial agreement but is never less than 8%. We confirm agency agreements on an individual basis. We pay commission on 24-hour and day delegate rates, pre-ordered food and drink and B&B bookings. Commission is also payable on cancellation charges. Wyboston Lakes Resort has access to a restricted client base that the agencies look after on an exclusive basis. The benefit to the agents is that they can concentrate their bookings with trusted suppliers with whom they can negotiate the best terms. The agents' clients are able to secure the best deals and can track their expenditure.