Sustainability At Wyboston

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We Are Here, Brave and Bold; Ready To Start Over

Meowing is over, it’s time to roar! We’re committed to being proactive and adapting to suit the climate, whatever that may be. Rest assured our two dedicated venues The Woodlands Event Centre and The Willows Training Centre along with our team are continuously working towards ensuring your event is both safe and successful.

Conference, Training & Events

The Woodlands Event Centre

Transformed with the NextGen in mind, this stunning venue is experience led and is the resorts premier conference and event space. With 16 event spaces, the largest of which is 385sq, 120 bedrooms, great room flexibility through moveable walls, and unrivalled technology. This venue lends itself to a range of events, both indoor and out…

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Yew Technology Theatre (1)
Training Venue Cambridge (22)

The Willows Training Centre

The Willows Training Centre is a comfortable, flexible training space, designed with learning in mind, for a consistent training experience. Offering self-service options and freedom to relax it boasts a laid-back games loft and buffet restaurant.

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