A Sustainable Future

We are working hard to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do. The rise of sustainability on the business agenda is remarkable and now more than ever it is a topic under discussion.

Sustainable Events - Landfill

A Resort With a Conscience

You could be forgiven for thinking that Sustainability is just a buzz word but it is here to stay. For Wyboston Lakes Resort this gives us the opportunity to bring our diverse efforts under one umbrella and create a culture of conscience in what we do and how we do it. Our slogan is quite simply, 'More Sustainable, No Apology' meaning we're committed to making decisions which aren't the norm, but will help us become more sustainable in everything we do.

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Sustainable Events, Sustainable Decisions...

At Wyboston Lakes Resort we have a host of facilities on site, and we're committed to making each aspect of what we do as sustainable as possible. Whether than be sustainable events, or taking decisions to ensure our hotel and leisure facilities are more sustainble.

More Sustainable, No Apology

Let's Talk Rubbish

Waste management is a huge part of sustainability. We're very aware that, as a resort with so much on offer what we waste has massive impacts on the environment. That is why we are proud to be 'Zero to Landfill' for the fifth consecutive year. Amongst other things we're committed to ensuring our waste is managed in the best possible way.

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Landfill Waste
Sustainable Events - Trees

Energy Consumption & Conservation

You could be forgiven for not seeing the correlation between our energy use and the environment but by using less power, we reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by power plants. Here at Wyboston Lakes we are taking steps to reduce our energy intake, with the sole aim of contributing to a healthier and happier world.

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More Sustainable, No Apology

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At one with nature

We're proud to maintain a nature reserve supported by the Wildlife Trust.

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Zero to Landfill

100% of the time. Our promise is another year of sending absolutely nothing to landfill.

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Paper Consumption

We'll only encourage you to use one type of paper... toilet roll.

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A Slice of Sustainability

Quality food always, but we're looking at ways to reduce food waste.

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We've Seen The Light

We're upgrading out lighting network across the entire site.

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Actively Using Less

Reducing our carbon footprint year on year something we're very serious about.


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