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The Future Of Work Is Flexible...

‘’Adaptation’’: Adaptation is the act of changing something or changing your behaviour to make it suitable for a new purpose or situation. We realise the way in which people work is evolving, and so are we! Welcome to Landing Pad.

Landing Pad Benefits

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Open Plan

Concepts facilitating collaboration and communication within the workspace.

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Hot Desking

For those needing a few quiet moments or just needing space.

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Breakout Spaces

Encouraging working in smaller groups.

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Quiet Zones

For tasks that require deep concentration or for quick calls and meetings.

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Providing a fixed workspace for additional staff and temporary employees.

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Shared Resources

Everything from the office equipment to lunchrooms and other amenities available on the premises.


We've Got It All Round

We care about your business needs, but on-site you'll see we care about so much more. We are sustainability led, and make no apology for taking decisions which benefit our planet.

Sustainable - Energy
Sustainable Events - Trees

A More Sustainable Future...

We have some ambitious goals to become a more sustainable resort, but our efforts over the years have not gone unnoticed. In 2020, despite the pandemic changing how we live, we were awarded a triple gold status for our efforts...

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We've Got It All...

A Place To Stay

Along with your office space, the resort has a lot to offer. On-site we have over 400 bedrooms across three venues. Each is stylishly decorated, and slightly different. So the choice is yours, should you need it.

Resort Benefits

Atlantis Double Bedroom (6)
Wyboston Lakes Golf Course (2)

Take A Swing...

Fancy a round? Our 18 hole golf course is the perfect place to unwind at a weekend or after work. Whether your a beginner or more experienced we're sure you'll enjoy the views and challenging golfing holes provided.

Resort Benefits