Measuring your CO2's

We’ve teamed up with event:decision to give you the option of tracking your events carbon footprint, to see if your event coincides with your company's ESG values.


‘’21st Century choice: look after our planet, and it will look after us.’’ Phil Harding.

We are all responsible for the future of our planet, and the need to look after it is becoming greater than ever. Event:decision track offers support for event planners who are aiming to plan and run carbon-neutral, sustainable events.

Sustainable Events

Starting To Add Up?

We do all that we can to become more sustainable for future generations, and measurement plays a key role. Event:decision track is a great way to see how your event can be run sustainability and successfully. They’ll do all of the reporting from your event brief, measuring a variety of metrics to help you get the best possible outcomes.

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A True Reflection And Comparison

Track is a sure fire way to really understand which parts of your event are the most costly in sustainability terms. Your report is extensive and allows you to see how you compare with other events of a similar size. And if you want to take it a step further, you have offset options available, and alternatives to your current plan to help reduce emissions.

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Net Zero Journey

Doing More Good

At Wyboston Lakes our sustainability efforts cover a wide range of things, from energy consumption, waste management, culture shockers, bio-diversity, our team, and guests. So if you’re looking to plan and execute an event with us, we can work side by side to make sure you’re ESG goals are met.

A collective effort to get the best out of your event report

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Measuring Up

Every bit of energy used onsite is measured so we can actively look at ways to reduce consumption. And all energy across site is from renewable resources.

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Staying with us for more than 1 night? Choose not to have your room cleaned, and we’ll plant a tree for you on the resort instead.

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Leading The Charge

If delegates are driving and EV, we've got 10 Tesla superchargers and 20 Eon chargers here on site.

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At One With Nature

From beehives on-site, wildlife in the nature reserve, we’re proud of the biodiversity here at Wyboston Lakes.

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Choo Choo

Accessibililty? Not a problem, direct trains to Horsham run every 30 mins, passing through London Kings Cross St Pancras.

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Hatin' on Wastin'

We’ve not sent a single item to landfill since 2015, and single-use plastic use has been reduced by over 40%! We have zero food waste leaving site too.


Green Meetings

Track Pre-Event

Track Post-Event


The ideal package for the planning stage and comprises a single-event analysis, total event emissions and breakdown of categories, illustrative benchmarking, mitigation recommendations & a cost of offset.


Ideal for agency or in-house event planners, and for events for up to 1,000 delegates. You'll receive single-event analysis, total event emissions & breakdown of categories, illustrative benchmarking, mitigation recommendations, cost of offset and a measurement certification.


£450+ VAT


£450+ VAT

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