The Willows Training Centre

Freedom is the ability to act without constraint. Our facilities allow delegates and trainers to express themselves, grow and learn in a comfortable environment.

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Designed For Learning

Designed specifically for learning, but with comfort and the ability to relax in mind. Take a look around The Willows Training Centre with our virtual tours!

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A Purpose Built Learning Environment...

The Willows Training Centre is a fun and encouraging place to be. This flexible training space is designed with learning in mind, for a consistent training experience. Offering self-service options and freedom to relax and for the end of the day a cool games loft to let off steam.

Eat Your Heart Out

The Cricket Kitchen

Remember that old saying, 'food is fuel'? Well, we take that seriously and the Cricket Kitchen is the place to refuel and chill with fellow colleagues and delegates. Each day brings a new menu, with tastes from across the globe all in one place.

Venue Dining

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In Paddy's We Trust

Did you know that coffee can help you stay focused and alert? And we're lucky enough to have great Paddy & Scott's coffee, free-flowing, at The Willows Training Centre. So whether you need your early morning fix, or something to keep you going we've got it covered.

The Growling Engine Of Change

Fantastic Technology

The right tech can enhance your delegates' experience. The Willows Training Centre is equipped with efficient, forward-thinking and easy to use tech. And should you need it our support team are always on hand!

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Let's Play!

Welcome to 'The Loft', you'll find the neon sign somewhere in the Cricket Kitchen, and it's upstairs from there... Be prepared to fully switch off when you enter this space, because we know have time to have fun and relax are important to us all!

Show Yourself Around

Virtual Tours

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The Willows Training Centre
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Virtual Tour
The Willows Training Centre
Safe and Sustainable

Safe Events

2020 has made us all re-consider safety and the measures we need to put in place for the 'new normal.' Behind the scenes, we have been working hard to ensure that your next event is a #SafeEvent. From thermal imaging cameras to socially distanced training rooms, we've got it covered...

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Thermal Imaging
Landfill Waste

We're Not Talking Rubbish

More Sustainable, No Apology. That is our slogan and we stand by it. We've set out some ambitious targets to become more sustainable than we already are. Our pledge by 2025 we will have reduced our carbon footprint by 50%.

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