The Willows Training Centre

When you want the best performance from your team, you need to be sure about the training venue. Wyboston Lakes Training & Events has provided quality training services in a productive and hassle-free environment for over 35 years. Take a look at our stunning meeting rooms near Bedford and Milton Keynes to see for yourself!

Willows Conference Room (2)

The Willows Training Centre is designed for meetings and training events, with everything thoughtfully catered for and without distraction.

The venue forms part of the Wyboston Lakes Training & Events portfolio and has a combination of 40 training and syndicate rooms and 183 welcoming bedrooms, making it, quite simply, the perfect training venue.


Relax and learn

The Willows Training Centre, is professionally informal with all the comforts of home. With a well-stocked bar, games room, and nightly themed buffet, delegates can just chill and focus on their work at our training venue. 

Did you know we can also host your business' conferences as well as your training sessions? Check out our conference centre near Milton Keynes to find out how we can cater for all your corporate event needs. 

The Courtyard
Paddy & Scotts

Packages to suit

The Willows Training Centre is perfect for events which need to optimise training and meeting facilities in the context of defined cost parameters. The venue has a versatile spectrum of well-equipped rooms with excellent flexibility and adaptability. Catering options are available and — most importantly — the coffee is amazing!


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