Wyboston Lakes Resort’s latest sustainability initiative is introducing new technology to identify further energy usage savings

Steve Jones

Wyboston Lakes Resort’s latest initiative in its continual search for new ways to be more sustainable is to introduce a highly sensitive energy measurement system that will provide precise real-time usage data for many locations within its hotel, conference, training and leisure facilities.

MeasureMyEnergy is connected to significant energy use electrical circuits throughout the Resort. The system measures and records the electricity used on each circuit each second, building a picture of the electricity use each hour, day and year.

The clear visibility of utility usage will benefit the Resort by highlighting in real time any devices that are wasting energy. Knowing the time of day when energy is used is particularly valuable in reducing costs. The system will also provide alerts to unusual energy usage that can be a sign of pending device failure for preventative maintenance. This will avoid costly down time and increase the life of critical assets and improve customer experience.

The MeasureMyEnergy system has been installed by the Resort’s partner The Energy Check as part of its commitment to Wyboston Lakes Resort to develop and drive an energy efficiency and carbon reduction programme.

Steve Jones “We are going beyond just compliance, we are actively managing or sustainability programmes and measurement is critical to that. It’s a crucial step in us understanding our waste, our efficiencies and our goals for the future.

This latest development supports Wyboston Lakes Resort ‘2020 Green Objectives’ initiative, which includes reducing its carbon footprint by 50 per cent by 2025.  

Some of the initiatives already in place include the reduction of energy consumption throughout the venue by upgrading the lighting across site to the latest energy efficient LEDs which are turned off by movement sensors when a room is not in use. Energy ratings are considered as part of the purchasing decision for all new heavy equipment. Ten more electric car supercharger points were recently installed for guests to encourage electric car usage so there are now a total of 24 charger points on the site. 

The Resort recycled over 20,000kg of cardboard waste in the last year, is continuing to fulfil its ‘Zero waste to landfill’ promise for the fifth consecutive year and actively supports the mia’s  #20percentless campaign to cut back on single-use plastics each year. 

This commitment to sustainability has recently been recognised and accredited by three leading organisations. Wyboston Lakes Resort has now achieved Gold Standard with the Green Tourism Awards, Greengage and the International Association of Conference Centres Green Star certification programme. The information from the MeasureMyEnergy system will be valuable in any further applications for certification.