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Why not enjoy golf at Wyboston Lakes Golf Course all year round? Our season tickets give you the flexibility you need to play as much golf as you'd like. With both adult, student and junior memberships available there is something to suit everyone.

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Wyboston Lakes Golf Course

Annual Season Tickets

Our annual season tickets offer golf, all year round, along with some fantastic benefits. With the option of both 5 and 7 day tickets the choice is all yours. Are you wanting to start the children young? Or are you a student? Don't worry we have season tickets for you too.

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Summer Season Tickets

We all know that when the sun is bearing down on us, and the golf course is a luscious green then golfing becomes more attractive. So we've put together the summer season ticket, again with 5 and 7 day options available. 

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Season Ticket Pricing: 1st April 2023 - 31st March 2024

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Annual 5 Day

From £594 or £53.90 per month

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7 Day Annual

From £814 or £72.60 per month.

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Junior Season Ticket

From £163 or £19.25 per month

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Student Season Ticket

From £363 or £34.10 per month

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Summer 5 Day

From £447.26 or £79.20 per month (April - Sept)

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Summer 7 Day

From £670.89 or £116.60 per month (April - Sept)

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Bring A Friend

''Golf appeals to the idiot in us, and the child'' (John Updike). We can certainly agree with that, but why not bring someone along to join in the fun. Our annual season tickets give you a number of guest passes to use throughout the year. 

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Benefits, Benefits, Benefits...

What's more enjoyable than a round of golf with friends? Talking about it together in the bar afterwards! And with our annual, and summer season tickets you will be able to enjoy a discount on both food and beverages at The Gravel Pit.

  • 20% Discount for Junior, Student, and annual ticket holders
  • 10% Discount for summer ticket holders

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