Pinseekers Driving Range - Now Open!

Time to spice things up, our driving range has had itself a BIG makeover. We've gone big, and bought a whole new vibe to the table. Whether you're an avid golfer, or fancy some fun with friends, Pinseekers is the spot.

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Pinseekers - Open From March 4th 2024

Our brand new Driving Range has opened its doors, and you can come and join us from 6am - 11pm, 7 days a week.. There's a lot to say about what we've done here, but we think its best you come and see for yourself!

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Driving Range

Golf, On Steroids!

Pinseekers Driving Range, based at Wyboston Lakes Resort now features 13 bays with Trackman technology, so from your bay you can play courses from around the world, get competitive with friends or dial in with your own practise. All whilst Woody, our mascot will be watching over you (and judging those shanks).

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A Cool Game Called Golf

Yes, it is cool, trust us. We've gone big and bold, so when you come to Pinseekers get ready for a fun and exciting golfing experience. The range has had a complete transformation from top to bottom. It's time to get in the swing of things...

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Trackman Technology...

Trackman technology is truly brilliant. Offering you the chance to play virtual courses from around the world, or a variety of games with friends or simply record and track your practise progress!

Fancy it? Download the app below.

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