New Wyboston Lakes Resort website makes venue booking easy for events professionals

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Chat-bots, “Dolls House” virtual reality and price checking software, online booking are among the interactive features of Wyboston Lakes Resort’s new website that make booking an event at the venue easy.

Created primarily with mobile usage in mind for working professionals ‘on the go’, the highly visual design makes accessing the website via a phone just as user friendly as on a laptop.

Clever chat-bots will harness the power of AI to provide automatic consumer assistance, allowing MICE enquiries to be rapidly addressed in real time, all the time.

Virtual reality technology of the venue will also be incorporated, while a new “Dolls house experience” will provide a 3D, virtual experience of the entire venues, allowing visitors to explore the meetings spaces and conference rooms from all angles.

Triptease, a guest intelligence website platform will add price checking tools to help  overnight guests book directly. Price comparison data will enable price parity to be upheld, ensuring that buyers are offered the best prices available. The website not only makes it easy to book meetings and events but also rooms, restaurant tables and leisure facilities.

Designed specifically to address the needs of modern meetings planners and event bookers, the new website forms part of a £3m plus investment to completely refurbish the conference and training equipment at Wyboston Lakes Resort; £0.5m is being spent on IT and AV alone.

Louisa Watson, Director of Marketing says, “The new website incorporates great design, along with a flexible and adaptable approach for our proposition.  Having so many very different propositions at Wyboston Lakes Resort, we had to be careful to appeal to all without compromising any customer journey. The addition of the Dolls House experience, machine learning chat bots, online booking tools and Triptease gives the customer an awesome online experience and gives us unique data driven insight that will enable us to enhance the customer’s booking experience further still.”

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