New 'Drift chatbots make life much easier for events organisers

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Meeting planners are now able to book showrounds and events at Wyboston Lakes Resort 24/7 since the venue introduced an interactive ‘Drift’ chatbot.

The chatbot is instantly able, at the pace of the event booker, to capture sales enquiries, perform virtual show rounds, book physical show rounds and enable quotations to be produced quickly. It is VR compatible and can incorporate ancillary services and unusual requests.

Described as ‘conversational marketing technology’, the custom pre-programmed chatbot does much of the heavy lifting by using closed questions and multiple choice to reduce errors and keep conversations moving.

The chatbot is a major step forward from live chat functions, eliminating laborious contact forms and email enquiries that often don’t collect all relevant information in one go and enabling comprehensive quotations to be produced efficiently.

An innovative ‘hand-over’ feature allows sales teams to take over the conversation from the chatbot at any time, with all event details and requests displayed to the sales representative in real time.

Drift has the added advantage of being trackable via Google Analytics, presenting values of enquiries and target metrics. The bot also provides reassurance as it ensures GDPR compliance from the outset, while salesforce integration pushes data and conversations directly, allowing sales teams to be continuously kept up to date.

Louisa Watson, Director of Marketing for Wyboston Lakes Resort, says, “This makes life so much easier for both the event booker and our team.

“The chatbot has been well received by planners and has already produced results that are exceeding our expectations. We originally thought the quotations would be for smaller meetings, but we’ve also received inbound enquiries for major events as well.”.

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