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Is your religious or Church group looking for somewhere to enjoy a weekend event together? Wyboston weekends are affordable, flexible & sustainable. You might want to snap one up quickly...

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Weekend Events To Shout About

Bringing people together is what we specialise in, our venues, the resort and our team have years of experience in hosting and running all kinds of events. So your church or religious group could enjoy spending your weekend with us knowing we'll do our all to ensure you're event is a success.

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Great Weekend Events Are Possible At Wyboston Lakes...

We've put together a flexible, affordable package worth shouting about for a select set of weekend dates. The resort offers fantastic event spaces, top-notch service and much more...

Get in touch with our team today, they're on hand and ready to answer your questions, and plan your next event.

Rates advertised are available, subject to availability on any weekend in January/February, on Easter weekend, May Bank Holiday weekend, and any weekend that falls into the UK school holidays and the weekends either side of October Half Term.

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Religious & Church Groups (Custom)