Success Story: Niemann Pick

After two years of not hosting a face-to-face event due to Covid, Niemann Pick hosted their annual scientific and family conference here at Wyboston Lakes Resort.

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''Wyboston Lakes enables us to meet the diverse needs of our community under one roof.''

Niemann Picks event has been running for 28 years, and is the largest gathering of families affected by Niemann-Pick diseases in the UK. So, when it comes to choosing a venue, they need one that meets a number of criteria.

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Flexibility, and privacy were key

The event itself covered a broad range of things, from highlighting research and therapies, to networking and sessions bringing families together, whilst being able to have exclusive use.

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Niemann Pick required a venue that could comfortably host a conference, networking events, interactive workshops and a gala dinner for 180 attendees. They also wanted somewhere which was family friendly, and private.

An important factor was location, as they needed somewhere that was accessible by road, rail and air.

Niemann Pick were with us for a total of three days and their venue of choice was The Woodlands Event Centre. Spaces were set up to facilitate networking and communication between families and professionals.

The Olive Restaurant was utilised to ensure attendees could comfortably enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Each day was different so our team needed to ensure that our client was happy with each part of the event that they had planned. The conference and gala dinner made use of our largest space on site, The Rosewood Suite, whilst the extensive outdoor space was used for other parts of the event.

With such a diverse age group, fun activities were set up for the children and networking space was made available for parents and professionals.

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