The Olive Restaurant & Food Market

A brand new restaurant, in the heart of The Woodlands Event Centre. Filled with natural light, fantastic feature pieces and an extensive menu offering a variety of creative food options.

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"First we eat, then we do everything else." (M.F.K. Fisher)

At The Olive Restaurant we place a lot importance on food, and our chefs are committed to putting together a vibrant, flavoursome menu based on using great produce. With capacity for up to 280 guests, and moveable walls our menu is backed up by a fantastic, light, flexible space for you to enjoy.

Event Food

Fresh, Local Produce

At The Olive we pride ourselves on using locally sourced produce. in particular we use a local family butcher.

One of our favourite dishes, The Olive Burger is hand crafted by their butchers. Our Serrano ham is also one of their speciality in house products, adding a unique touch to our menus by being locally produced, but Mediterranean inspired

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Unquestionablly Authentic

When we built our menu, we were conscious of keeping our dishes as authentic as possible. You can be assured that our Italian foods, ranging from authentic cheeses's to pasta and cured meats, are imported all wonderfully Italian made.

Not to mention, our pizza dough is made strictly from Italian flours!

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Field Fresh, Always...

So much of Mediterranean cookery originates from vegetable based recipes. Fantastic fresh produce is spread throughout the Olive menus. For example we receive daily deliveries of Zucchini's and eggplant, ready for our chefs to marinade, with vibrant herbs and garlic to be charred ready for our guests. 

The Food Market

A true taste of the Mediterranean awaits. The Food Market provides food that is both social and interesting, we want our delegates to feel inspired when they leave. Having enjoyed something different from the usual conference catering experience.

Creative Conference Catering

Mouth-watering Food

Enter The Food Market and you'll see our signature piece, the clay oven. Prepping kebabs, pastas and crisp pizzas in minutes, you'll be sure to enjoy what's on offer.

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And Much More...

The Food Market offers so much, with stations including soup, grills, salads, cured meats, and of course those delicious desserts we all know and love.

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