Success Stories: Huws Gray

Our client, Huws Gray joined us in The Willows Training Centre for a meeting in early 2023.

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''The Willows Training Centre was absolutely faultless.'' Catherine Eborall

During 2020, The Willows Training Centre underwent a complete venue transformation. We recognised the ever changing needs and demands of our clients and wanted to design a venue the venue around those needs. We were delighted to host an event for Buildbase and hope to see them again soon.

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Eating, Meeting & Sleeping

The event required us to provide accommodation, meeting space and dining facilities for the organisers and delegates. We know some of the challenges events like these bring.

''The meeting rooms were perfect, with great feedback on the bedrooms. The quality and quantity of the catering through the day was outstanding.'' Catherine noted.

''As an organiser I’m delighted at how well oiled the day went, which is hugely important to me. A well oiled machine makes my job just that little bit easier so I’m grateful to everyone to assisted with our meetings. I will have no issues on returning to Wyboston as you totally fulfilled my event needs.'' Catherine Eborall, PA to Regional Director (South) Huws Gray.

Training Venue Cambridge (2)