The Great Outdoors


Meeting outside is good for the soul

Meeting indoors for any number of people may be a challenge but the outdoors offers loads of possibilities, even in the colder months, for us to get together and enjoy the company of each other. We have a few ideas, that replace the last team catch-up, the corporate sales meeting, the latest product launch and instead, offer teams the chance to see and share, have fun together and focus on the positives.

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Eating outdoors is just fun...

Whatever the weather, eating outdoors is fun.  Hot toddy on a cold day, warm burger on a winters evening and all around the firepit.  The company of others warms the cockles and good times are had by all.  We have some cracking ideas for outdoor eating, mini-festival style gatherings, that can be done safely.


Outdoor team events

Exhilarating and challenging all wrapped up to one great time.  Fun on land and water, team challenges to competitions.  Organised by specialists and run in line with all the Covid secure guidance.

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Axe Throwing

Who gets the axe?

Well, this is one axe you are in control of.  New to Wyboston Lakes Resort this year, axe throwing is a fun outdoor event that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.  

Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers and Christmas Markets

So the usual Christmas events can't happen this year but we can deliver an outdoor Christmas market-style event, that brings the team together and allows companies to share a few moments together and say goodbye to 2020.  It may not be what we are used to but it can still be good.

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