Training Centre+Training Centre-

'Our customers tell us we’re the best'

Wyboston Lakes provides quite simply the perfect training environment, considered by many as one of the best training venues in the UK.

The Training Centre gives a superb training experience, providing newer and creative ways in which courses and presentations are delivered by providing lasting, inspiring experiences through our award winning technology.

The Training Centre is ideal for those companies which demand fully effective meeting and training facilities - but have cost as their most significant consideration.

Our expertise is focused on delivering the right environment for personal learning and development. Performance is everything; but we know trainees also need the right balance between work, rest and play, so there is plenty to take advantage of throughout the 380 acre site.

Trainees can enjoy the conservatory, bar and lounge for space to relax and enjoy good company. Besides great space, we promise the right atmosphere, partners, facilities, IT and AV, for both trainers and trainees.

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