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Sustainability covers so much more than reducing carbon footprint, making small changes in terms of plastic, or switching a light off when it's not needed. The subject encompasses a wide variety of things, and we're working towards doing some great things...

Sustainable Events - Wildlife

Doing More...

We are really excited to reveal our 2021 Environmental objectives, working with our partners, clients and suppliers on making better choices to benefit our future generations and ultimately our planet.

More Sustainable, No Apology

Triple Gold Award

In June 2020 we were awarded three gold awards from prestigious organisations for our efforts towards sustainability. Each organisation tested us on a variety of criteria, including waste management, energy, water efficiency, purchasing, and many more. 


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Sustainability Logos 2022
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Working With Nature

At Wyboston Lakes Resort, the well-being of all our guests is paramount. That’s why we’re proud to maintain a nature reserve which is supported by the Wildlife Trust. It means we can take care of our guests and those we share the land with, all at the same time.

Talking Crap

Single-Use Plastics

We all know the impact that single-use plastics have in our oceans. And that’s why at Wyboston Lakes Resort, we now use paper straws and compostable coffee cups. We are part of the ‘H20percentless’ scheme and are driven to take small steps to make a big difference.

Plastics Singleuse

A Slice of Sustainability

Here at Wyboston Lakes Resort, the attention given to the quality of our food is second to none. But so is our attention to food waste.
That’s why we’re always looking at ways to reduce food waste and deal with it in a way to benefit the environment.

Sustainable Events - Trees

We are doing more...

We are really proud of all that we have achieved over the last year.  We have certainly packed it all in.  Take a look and read more of our 2020 round up!

Doing more

Making it easier for you

The Resort has installed ten more electric car supercharger points and two, dual 7kW electric vehicle chargers for guests to encourage electric car usage. There is now a total of 26 charger points on the site. As Wyboston Lakes has Green Electricity, all the charge in the cars is 100% green, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of cars charged at the Resort. An average car emits about 1 tonne of CO2e for every 5000 miles.

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Working on our renewables

Gas and LPG are both fossil fuels that are more difficult to eliminate but we are focused on find ways to overcome this. We will progress the feasibility of the installation of both Wind Turbines and a Water Source Heat Pump to be submerged in the lakes that will be able to match our demand in utilities and so eliminate gas from the Resort.

We will pursue any government incentives to move forward with this project.


Sustainable Venues

Here at Wyboston Lakes Resort we like to think we have it all going on.  Great venues, great people and great experiences.  But we are also a resort with a conscience, which means we are aware of the choices we make and the impact they might have on those around us.