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Sustainability covers so much more than reducing carbon footprint, making small changes in terms of plastic, or switching a light off when it's not needed. The subject encompasses a wide variety of things, and we're working towards doing some great things...

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Doing More...

We are currently working on doing more, and will soon announce our 2020 'Green objectives', but what we can say is that we look forward to working with both our clients and suppliers on making better choices to benefit our future generations and ultimately our planet.

Green Tourism

Green Tourism

In June 2019 we achieve Silver Status in the Green Tourism Awards.  The award was granted by the Green Tourism Business Scheme, the national sustainable tourism certification scheme for the UK & Ireland with over 2400 members. It is the only national certification programme endorsed by the national tourism agencies.

Wyboston Lakes Resort was assessed by a qualified grading advisor against a rigorous set of 145 criteria, covering a range of areas including energy and water efficiency, waste management, purchasing, travel, biodiversity and more.

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Working With Nature

At Wyboston Lakes Resort, the well-being of all our guests is paramount. That’s why we’re proud to maintain a nature reserve which is supported by the Wildlife Trust. It means we can take care of our guests and those we share the land with, all at the same time.

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Single-Use Plastics

We all know the impact that single-use plastics have in our oceans. And that’s why at Wyboston Lakes Resort, we now use paper straws and compostable coffee cups. We are part of the ‘H20percentless’ scheme and are driven to take small steps to make a big difference.

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A Slice of Sustainability

Here at Wyboston Lakes Resort, the attention given to the quality of our food is second to none. But so is our attention to food waste.
That’s why we’re always looking at ways to reduce food waste and deal with it in a way to benefit the environment.