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Wyboston Lakes

...Starting your own business frequently involves the use of your bedroom/front room as office space. This can work for a period of time and allows you to establish your business particularly if you are starting from scratch with a completely new and innovative idea.

Once your business is up and running it's then important that you create the right environment for growth and you will be looking for your next step.  Here at Wyboston Lakes we offer a range of options to help you make this next step.
Firstly, we offer a workplace in a shared office space, which is available at a price lower than having a single serviced office space.  You will receive the following benefits:

Competitive Price : Low start-up costs
All in pricing policy : Allows accurate long term budgeting
Be amongst like-minded businesses : Gives you network opportunities
A professional office with commercial address : Creates a good impression to present to future clients and gives your company credibility

As your business grows and you require to take on additional people you are able to stay in the same building and move into a serviced office of your own accommodating these extra people whilst retaining the same telephone number and address and saving the costs of re-location.