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The RYA Case Study

The National Rase officials Conference was held at Wyboston Lakes Resort and usually during February month. They are generally held every other year, alternating with the Regional Conferences and organised by the Royal Yachting Association. This particular event is held every two years and is part of the CDP for RYA officials. The Conference lasted two days and had officials from across the world.


RYA was conscious of the variety of activities involved in the event. For example:
• Stand-alone activities and displays demanded a flexible venue with space but tight control and security with adequate space but all locations being close to hand.
• A Central location was crucial as some attendees were travelling long distances.
• A venue with convenient relaxation facilities for attendees to have short breaks was crucial.


day event







As it was a CPD event, the RYA was looking to enhance their members skill base knowledge in specific areas. Therefore, the extensive choice in offering a variety of workshops and discussions over the weekend allowed all attendees to gain a greater knowledge of the organisations and a chance to reappoint regional and national qualifications.

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Plenty of room

They used the main conference room in the Woodlands Event Centre (The Executive Centre) centre and all the training and syndicate rooms. On Friday 6th, 106 bedrooms were booked out at the Executive centre and Saturday 7th 154 bedrooms were booked at the Training Centre.

Wyboston Lakes is not only reasonably central for most of our officials, but it offers a large amount of accommodation on site, a big central hall and a large number of breakout rooms close the main areas. The food is of a high standard and they are able to provide a formal dinner as well. Not many centres can meet these requirements. Chris Watts, RYA Race Officials Education Officer

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