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Niemann-Pick UK is a small Charity supporting those affected by a rare genetic disorder and working closely with the research, health and social care professionals involved in the field. They are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those affected by Niemann-Pick disease. Each year they host a three-day conference that brings together all those within and connected to their community, with the aim of sharing the latest clinical and scientific updates, providing practical and emotional support, encouraging collaboration and the formation of mutual support networks.


As well as highlighting the most recent advances in research, the Conference provides an ideal opportunity to strengthen our family support network by encouraging families to share their thoughts and experiences with others in a similar situation. Due to the challenges of Niemann-Pick disease, many in the community also have very specific accessibility needs.
• The challenge was to find a venue that provides professional facilities, meets the accessibility needs, and understands that as a supportive charity there is a need for sensitivity.
• In addition, delegates travel from across the world to join the event, therefore they require a well-located venue that provides flexibility with accommodation, conference/training room use and catering requirements.

Accessible Flexible

Location, location, location...

Wyboston Lakes proved to be the perfect choice of location, being accessible very quickly from a number of airports and only moments away from a direct-line into London in under an hour. Since 2010, Niemann-Pick has held six conferences at Wyboston Lakes. We find that this venue works very well for them; it has space, accessibility, and professional facilities they require to meet the needs of all those within their community.

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Accessible solutions

The Woodlands Event Centre (Executive Centre) proved to be an excellent solution to the challenges faced by the conference at hand. The large spaces available on the ground floor meant not only that the numbers could be accommodated but that everyone had the access they needed.

On many occasions, they have gone above and beyond in order to accommodate our special requests and to make our delegates feel welcome and comfortable.

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