Financial Services Client

The Woodlands And Pavillion

Financial Services Client

A long-standing company who oversees the provision of various financial sectors through both professional individuals and independent firms. They engage closely with financial policymakers as well as shaping debates around audit reform and striving for the clearest and most stable tax systems. They strive to build the growth and competitiveness of the UK economy as well as the skills of Britain’s future financial leaders.

The Challenge

We were challenged with delivering a large scale complex event. They needed to find a venue that could not only cater to a vast amount of people but that could do so for the span of 4 weeks with the group changing every week. 1360 people were to be trained over the span of the event.

The Company likes to provide maximum space for each delegate during their learning experience. The need for a large amount of accommodation and good quality dining options for large numbers.


delegates over 4 weeks


sqm of dedicated space


% saving

Wyboston Lakes Conference Marquee


The Executive rooms were used exclusively for The Company’s accommodation, and the function space was used for themed evenings and decorated dinners. Due to the exclusive hire of the centre we were able to change the space and service daily to cater for The Company’s needs.

Outstanding operations, exceptional service and the team all had a sense of pride and looked like they loved their jobs. Wyboston Lakes made the event run so smoothly, it really did feel like one team with one goal.

Jeroen Breuer