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A refreshing event

Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd. (CCE) manufacture, sell and distribute a wide range of soft drinks across Great Britain, with around 260 million cases produced each year. It sells and delivers soft drinks from Coca-Cola and other brand owners to a range of customers including wholesale suppliers and licensed trade and leisure or workplace operators.


The mid-year briefing for 2010 needed to incorporate specific activities as CCE were a key partner of the 2012 Olympics. For this reason, there was to be:
• A display of historic Olympic torches, including the torch from the 1948 Olympics which is insured for £3 million.
• To demonstrate CCE’s commitment to the environment employees were to be allocated eco-friendly vehicles with a car on display.
• A Powerade drinks dispenser lorry would be present for samples of a new vitamin water product.




UK manufacturing sites


local sales team


Secure location

The event demanded a venue with tight control and security, adequate space, but also all areas close to hand. Employees needed spaces to relax and the venue needed to be central and easily accessible for all. Lastly, CCE recognised the wide range of activities could be disruptive to others, so the option to hire a venue exclusively was appealing. The Executive Centre was chosen.

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Plenty of parking

The centre's main conference suite held the briefings, employee recognition and the Olympic torch display with the companies own security. The eco-friendly car and Powerade lorry were positioned outside.

As an organiser, I really appreciated the feeling of control we achieved by using a compact, focused venue with all key areas close to hand and its own external areas. All activities linked extremely well and the fact that there were no other users at the centre helped our staff to respond and relax. Abbey Sturton, Regional Operations Executive CCE

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