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With current restrictions around large events, Hybrid makes them possible, bringing teams, clients and suppliers closer together.

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Events are merged, mixed and mingled...

The Hybrid approach to events offers a blended approach to meetings and events. With ‘’live’’ in-person participants, and ‘’virtual’’ online participants, offering them both great engagement and experience through a seamless platform.

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Hybrid - Bringing two worlds together

The current climate is very different to what we're used to, but we're committed to overcoming and adapting to the new normal. Hybrid makes it all possible, so no matter how large your event you can be assured that we'll make sure it runs smoothly...

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What Hybrid Offers...

  • Delegates get the choice of how they want to attend, those who want to meet in-person can join you and those that can’t are still able to interact virtually.
  • The platform is smooth, giving options on polling, chat and Q&A.
  • There is space to network, booths for meetings and Sponsors can create their own areas to elevate their brand.
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Our First Experience...

Putting hybrid to the test, we ran an important internal meeting with all of our team using our hybrid platform. The results we're fantastic and working closely with our partner Maddison Media the event ran extremely smoothly.

Why Hybrid is good for today...

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Safe and Secure

Makes large events possible and Covid secure.

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Go Bigger

More attendees - more ways to attend till boost numbers.

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Green Credentials

Creates reduced travel with environmental benefits.

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Reduce Planning Risk

Hybrid meetings can be flexed to change the in-room/virtual balance.

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A Solid Platform

A platform designed for Hybrid events, to create engagement & interaction.

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Stay on Budget

For large events, it can offer a cost-saving.


Enhancing the Event Experience

So if you’re itching for your next meeting or event, now you can start planning. No matter how large or small, with Hybrid it’s all possible. We can deliver a variety of events in a Hybrid format offering a bespoke service that delivers results, finding new ways to do old tricks!

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Our Partners

We work with Maddison Media who is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of staged events and who have established a well-earned reputation for reliability, delegate experience and high standards of work.

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Wyboston Lakes Resort is fully accredited for our Safety Standards and has been operating Covid Secure events throughout 2020. 

Your Questions Answered...

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This can be easily managed using either chat windows, private messaging, connect buttons, or links to third-party video conferencing meetings, all integrated within the Maddison Media virtual event platform.

As part of the bespoke premium package, paid online event passes can be offered via the registration page.

The Maddison Media virtual event platform has an inbuilt “sponsor area” with company bios and logos, which can also be used in the video stream itself as either backgrounds, graphics, or overlays.

We can send them a link to dial in and “remotely present to the room” using nothing but their webcam and an internet browser.

We can give you or someone from your business a link to moderate all questions before they are public or shown to presenters.

Absolutely! We can offer both simultaneous captions and translation if needed.

As many as you like! If you need more than 8 we can integrate a third-party video conferencing platform to offer as many as you need!

They simply login to a web page either with just the link or with a username and password.

We can offer the option to schedule 1-1 calls or chats via instant messaging, so in short, yes!

This is dependent on the clients’ brief; however, a lower-tiered packaged solution can be turned round in as little as 24 hours.

Certainly, by using camera shots and taking in room questions from the audience, stream viewers can see both online and in-room participants, the same can be applied vice versa by displaying online questions to the in-room audience.

Yes! We would display any online presenters on the video and sound systems in the room.

We display the presenters slides as a picture in picture on the online stream.


As standard we record all online events, these can be made available to watch again for delegates who may have missed something.


Yes! By either scanning an in-room QR code or giving them a link to an event interaction page built purely for in the room attendees.


As many as you like! our viewer numbers are not capped.

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Our partner, Maddison Media

We work with Maddison Media who is one of the UK's leading suppliers of staged events and who have established a well-earned reputation for reliability, delegate experience and high standards of work.